Saturday, 14 December 2013

Winter is coming

The past few days brought a huge storm (apparently from Russia), they call it "the russian storm" on the news. I haven't done much but wondering around the house and searching for a cozy spot to warm up. I watched some scary movies with my friends on Friday 13th, the weather just added up to the scariness level!

Oysho piggy socks

oysho piggy socks

My warmest piece - an American Eagle's hoodie.

american eagle hoodie

This is the view from my window for about a week now :(

Had to warm up my room somehow..

candle light,warm up

These ones were of an english rose sense.


Duck slippers. Yep, a must-have in these cold days.

duck warm slippers


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  1. Cool!! :)

    Wanna have 25 € to shop at girissima?